The Horsehead Nebula by Terry Hancock for smartphone wallpaper


The Horsehead Nebula by Terry Hancock for smartphone wallpaper

A very good friend of mine has suggested that I should make available some of my images resized for use as a wallpaper for smart phones/iphones, the reason being is that most smart phone users either don’t know how or cannot be bothered resizing images for their smart phones.

I am looking for opinions from smart phone users whether or not this is a worthwhile idea or not. Please comment here and let me know what you the users think?

For this first trial exercise I have used a common size I think? 1280×720 and this image can be downloaded free from sendspace here there may be better file sharing sites that I can use for this but as this is a trial I am all ears

Obviously there are other smart phone wallpaper sizes so I would like you the user to tell me what size you need and I will post the most common sizes for download.

If you think this idea is worthwhile I will post several astro images of mine per month for free personal use as a wallpaper for your phone.

Terry Hancock

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Posted by Terry Hancock on 2013-05-01 22:16:43


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