Symphony in the Stars Across The Disney Channel



Symphony in the Stars Across The Disney Channel

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Symphony in the Stars Fireworks as seen from Epcot Resorts-Hollywood Studios Connector
Hollywood Studios – Walt Disney World
Orlando, FL

First of all, to avoid any confusion, "The Disney Channel" in the photo’s title refers to the body of water just outside Hollywood Studios that runs to the Swan and Dolphin resort area, as named by the watercraft Cast Members; not the the TV channel.

Second, a hat tip to my friend Kendra, who I think may have been the first person to "discover" this approximate shooting location and without whom I probably wouldn’t have even considered shooting Symphony in the Stars from outside the park.

A downside to this location is that unlike shooting the Magic Kingdom fireworks from somewhere around the Seven Seas Lagoon where you can usually hear the music, you can’t hear the Hollywood Studios in-park soundtrack from this location. Even though the Symphony in the Stars fireworks are scheduled for 9:45pm, they’re actually cued by James Arnold Taylor finishing his Star Wars Weekends Finale show narration. That guy talks kinda fast, so I was not prepared when the fireworks started launching at 9:39pm that night! I had wanted to fine tune my location and focal length a bit more, as well as get my variable neutral density filter ready to go, but it was not to be… The fireworks started and I just had to start shooting, and compensate for the lack of a ND filter by using a smaller aperture and shorter exposure times. Even though it was not under my ideal conditions, I’m still reasonably happy with how this shot turned out.

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