Punjabi Kadhi Pakoda


Punjabi Kadhi Pakoda

Everyone has some food that speaks to them, conveying security, exultation, and are the universal cure to any bad day! One bite and all your worries seem to disappear, and you sink into a sense of oblivion. One bite, and it can positively change your mood and make you feel better as they work their magic! That is the power of comfort foods!

Comfort food can be something simple, complex, rich, healthy or downright indulgent! There is no right or wrong kind of food when it comes to comfort food. Any meal that conjures up feelings of joy and safety, memories of childhood or good times, or brings simple pleasure is what comfort food is all about. If you are feeling lonely, food can be your new best friend; if bored, let food be your entertainment; if you are stressed, food can be your luxury spa treatment. Whatever the feeling, you can seek help through comfort foods.

One such food that I find solace in is a bowl of Punjabi Kadhi Pakoda; a delicious and creamy yogurt-chickpeas curry with onion fritters flavoured with basic spices, garlic and ginger. The combination of the simple and fuss-fee flavours is like having a party in your mouth. The bright yellow hued curry is such a mood lifter even on a damp and cold day like today! The sun may have disappeared behind the rain laden dark clouds, but this golden Kadhi Pakoda is like a sunshine in a bowl. Served with a steaming bowl of Basmati rice, the Kadhi Pakoda is the epitome of comfort food; food that has a healing, unexplainable, even magical quality.

Whenever I seem to be having a bad week or I just cannot seem to find something to focus on, I can always rely on certain food to cheer me which makes every problem, stress and heartache melt away like a dew drops in the morning light! In the end those supposed problems I thought I had did not really matter at all… Food, at that moment, is also the friend who never disappoints or lets me down! May be that’s the reason why comfort food is called as ‘social surrogate’, as they do not quite replace real companions, but reminds us of them!

So, what is your comfort food?

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