My Hero Academia- Toru Hagakure


My Hero Academia- Toru Hagakure

My god this figure was such a challenge to pull off

I used a transparent custom lego figure that was actually given to me by free on Amazon

Okay story time. This was during the time I was making Black Panther and Killmonger when I had an idea to make them with LED. I saw these clear transparent figures online and bought 3. Amazon for some reason gave me 3 extra more and one of them has two left legs. Luckily they didn’t charge me and thank god I had exras because they are sold out and it’s hard to find transparent figures nowadays.

She has an alternative expression so I can dispay it when she’s completely naked (teehee)

Glove tops are sculpted and painted

Boots are painted with sculpted lacings

rest of the body has curves and sculpted invisible T I T T I E S

Why did I made this lol actaully I’m glad I made this because it’s fucking hilarious

I’m gonna make her school uniform as well in the future since this is way too simple

See if you can spot Infinity War Drax and the Vanisher from Deadpool 2 in the photo

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