Yes, I know, to be a real Mowgli shot, I was supposed to be undressed, but I was in a public space, right in front of a Mormaii store/surf-sushi bar (the one Bob took me on wednesday) and since I didn’t feel like been arrested in the name of art, you’ll have to wait until I get to a deserted island for such a shot 😛


So, for a week I stayed in Brasília. Went there for Eduardo’s graduation party, which was great!! (he didn’t upload anything from the party yet, but when he does I’ll let you know)
There I got to meet Cecília, a darling friend from swim team, whom I hadn’t seen in many years! Talking to her took me right up to my teen age at swim team!
Also met Neto, another sweety, whom I hadn’t seen in two years. And met a flickr friend >> Bob (aka Mondmann). When I arrived on Wednesday he took me to this fancy restaurant inside the mormaii store (surf bar) where we had sushi ^.^
it was great to meet him.. sunday he took me to the zoo. One thing he said, and that everybody else says was: "wow, you are much taller than I thought" and "you’re a genius!!" lol
he took two photos of us, you can see them here and here


And for Augusta, there’s a mad world out there, but there are still some people doing impressive and touching things, like this man here: IRONMAN – mi padre me ama tanto (yeah, I cried watching it :P)

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