League of Villains (My Hero Academia)



League of Villains (My Hero Academia)

*Minor spoilers below*

I’ve been working on this group of figures since the very day the League appeared in April, and I actually finished the group a few weeks ago.
And then All for One showed up and I decided I had to make him. Fast forward two and a half weeks and he was finally complete, and I was ready to post these guys.

I decided against making Spinner and Magne simply because I find them very uninteresting. Spinner is just Raphael cosplaying as Stain, and although I love the idea of Magne’s Quirk, his design is lackluster.

So, the figures I DID make, from left to right, are:
Mustard, Dabi, Mr. Compress, Tomura Shigaraki, All for One, Kurogiri, Himiko Toga, Twice, Muscular, and Moonfish.

I’ll be posting individual shots of each character (other than Shigaraki, who I posted months ago) over the next few days *cough*totallynotfiller*cough* and running through what I did to make each character.

I hope you enjoy!

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