Into the Labrinyth


Into the Labrinyth

We <3 Role- Play opened September 4th at 1:00pm SLT time and runs until the end of the month SLURL ;

More information see the WLRP blog: weloveroleplay.wee…

New Logo:

Bees of Malia – Minoan Choker, matching earrings also available WLRP SLURL ;

Unvanquished (mask) includes 5 versions & HUD, mesh body compatible, 5 options available, WLRP SLURL ;

DREAMING THICKET – gown, 100L eachItem 15 of 64
Laelia Gown, mesh body compatible, 6 options available, demo available, at WLRP SLURL ;

Lycan Pack Longsword, 3 options available, c/m/nt, at WLRP SLURL ;

NYNE – Elleni Hair, 3 color packs available, demo available, WLRP SLURL ;

Draconian Fireplace, 11LI, c/m/nt, WLRP SLURL ;

ZERKALO – (posed used is from this bed)
Grand Master’s Bed, 16LI, 2 versions available, demo available, PG/Adult versions WLRP SLURL ;

SEYDR – (shown Amethyst)
Versicolor Eyes includes 3 pupil version, including slitted (soshon) versions, applier compatible, 12 options available, WLRP SLURL ;

STARDUST Ingrid Tattoo (face shown) includes 3 versions, applier compatible, 6 options available, fatpack available . at WLRP SLURL

E.V.E’s Cloud of Cyber Flowers Mural
New release for TLC.SLURL

A low impact with cyber sunflowers mesh cloud and mural, part of Dystopia Collection.

[100% Original Mesh Design / Animated Mesh Particles / Dancing Collection / Mod & Copy]

– Includes 2 shapes: cloud and mural picture

– Cloud with Hud to change between 6 textures: white, silver damaged, gold, gold damaged, rusted metal and black

– Picture mural with Select Picture Hud. Touch to pop up the menu and choose between the 6 options

– Default Li and size:

– Plane: aprox. 2m x 2m / 1 prim

– Cloud: aprox. 5m x 5m / 2 prims

Cureless+ Serotonine Beige skin and Collyrium tears
{aii} Fantasy Brows pack I Mainstore:

Headdress: LODE Matthiola rare (past gacha)

Catwa Lilly Head
Maitreya Body

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sunflower tattoo on arm

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