Harrods Limited Edition Anna and Elsa Doll Set – LE 100 – Frozen – UK Disney Store – Deboxing – Elsa – Dress Closed – Lying Down – Midrange Rear View


Harrods Limited Edition Anna and Elsa Doll Set - LE 100 - Frozen - UK Disney Store - Deboxing - Elsa - Dress Closed - Lying Down - Midrange Rear View

Next to be deboxed is Elsa. First the spacer is removed from the backing, with Elsa still attached to it. Rubber bands are removed that attach her braids to her arm. Then the spacer is removed from her head by snipping off the multiple T-tabs tacking her head to the spacer. Under the spacer is a protective adhesive plastic cap over her hair. Remnants of the T-tabs are sticking out of her hair. Next the rubber bands around her shoulders and the wire around her waist are removed. The back of her dress is opened up. Surprisingly, there are no manufacturer’s stamps printed in her lower back, as there were on Anna. Her dress is closed up.

Anna is now fully deboxed. Her skirts are stiff enough to permit her to free stand, although she a bit unstable this way. She is posed next to her doll stand.

The next step is to remove her from the doll stand, and remove the tacking that pins the sections of the skirt together. She is laid back down, and her skirts raised to reveal the wires attaching her legs to the doll stand. The wires are removed to free her from the stand, and then the stand is removed by gently pulling it straight down with one hand while holding on to the her waist with the other. Then the tacks pinning the sections of her skirt together are removed, one by one. There are tacks pinning the yellow green sections together, and also tacks pinning the dark green section between them to the satin underskirt. Four of the back sections are freed, and so the back of the skirt can be extended to show nearly the full width of the skirt. Then the skirt is partially raised to first show the underskirt, then the petticoat. Then Anna is turned around, so we can work on freeing the front sections of the outer skirt. Finally all the sections of her skirt are unpinned, and we can extend her skirt to its full width. It almost makes a full semi-circle. Then to show the full extent of her skirts, the outer skirt is lifted over her head, so make a full circle. Then the underskirt is raised as far as it can go, and finally the same for the petticoat. Then her skirts are put back down.

We prepare to remove the spacers from the backing by clipping off the ends of the wires, cutting the rubber bands and threads, and removing the tape holding the tabs of the spacers to the back of the backing. Anna will be the first to be removed from the backing. The tabs of the spacer are cut, and the spacer with Anna attached is pulled from the backing. There are wires attaching her bun and ponytail to the spacer, and a wire around her waist that goes through the spacer. Also there are several T-tabs tacking the back of her head to the spacer. The spacer is then removed from Anna. There is still a wire around her bun, her waist, and remnants of the T-tabs in her head. The wires are removed and T-tabs cut close to her scalp. The back of her dress is opened to make removing the wire around her waist easier. We see manufacturer’s markings on her lower back, under her upper torso joint. It also has her edition number and size: 39/100. The back of her skirt is sewn shut, but I cut the thread loose, so I can open up her skirt and see the top of her petticoat underneath. We also see that her satin underskirt is permanently sewn to the top of her outer skirt. Then her skirt and top are closed up, and she is stood up, supported by her doll stand.

Then we untack Anna’s dress from the backing. Now the bottom of the backing can be dropped down. We can see the bottom of the two doll stands, and see the bottom of Anna’s and Elsa’s shoes. Then we raise Anna’s skirt up, and see the many layers of Anna’s outfit. Her outer skirt is made of panels of yellow green embroidered and jeweled satin alternating with plain dark green satin panels, the pattern repeating ten times. The lighter green panels are tacked together with plastic T-tabs, so we don’t see the full extent of the skirt. Under the skirt is a full length yellow green satin slip, with a wide lacy hem. Under that is a 3/4 length stiff tulle petticoat. Under that are yellow green satin knee-length bloomers. Finally under that are full length stockings or leggings. Anna is certainly dressed for cold weather. Her legs are wired to the doll stand at the ankles and knees. Her feet are posable, and she is wearing black flats, which is rather disappointing given the gorgeous and unique shoes that Elsa is wearing.

Next we begin to undo all the attachments that are accessible without taking the spacers off the backing. First we snip off the T-tabs that tack Elsa’s dress to the backing, as well as enough of the fasteners that pin the cape shut. We can now open up the cape and her skirt in the front to see Elsa’s legs and shoes. We see that she is bound to her doll stand by wires. She has unique shoes, iridescent blue high heeled shoes with a snowflake design. She also bucks the trend of fully articulated legs in the Limited Edition dolls, by having fixed angled feet. She looks much more elegant with fixed feet in the high heels.

Deboxing the Harrods Anna and Elsa LE 100 dolls. First we open the box to begin the deboxing process. We can do this without damaging the packaging in any way, by sliding the multiple covers off the box until the dolls are in the open. We can also get a look at the Certificate of Authenticity, which is below the bottom of the inner box. The set is #39 of 100. The dolls are still attached to the plastic spacers and cardboard backing by wires, thread, rubber bands and plastic T-tabs.

First look at the Harrods special edition of the Disney Store’s Limited Edition Anna and Elsa Doll Set. I purchased it through a reseller, as it was only sold at the Harrods London store. It was released on November 1, 2013, in an edition of 100. The retail cost is more than four times that of the separately sold LE Anna and Elsa dolls (which will be released worldwide on November 20, 2013, in an edition size of 2500). As might be expected, the dolls are considerably different in details than the ”regular” limited edition dolls. In particular there is considerably more crystals on the outfits, and embroidered snowflakes completely cover the outer gown (cape) of Elsa. Also, Elsa’s skin has a pearly shiny surface, very similar to the skin of LE Ursula, although it has a much paler purplish color.

They are 17” fully articulated dolls, with doll stands and certificated of authenticity. Anna is in her coronation gown, Elsa is in her Snow Queen gown.

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