~Day Three~ Rehearsal Galore


~Day Three~ Rehearsal Galore

So today was my graduation rehearsal. I woke up feeling so exhausted and just… ugh. I felt bad for being a bum yesterday with my best friend. She called and left texts about her cousin who died… so I pray for him now… he was only 5 and died supposedly of pneumonia (i think it sounds fishy).

She picked me up at like 12… she got a graduation gift from our old boss who is also her family’s friend. That old bitch still hasnt apologized for slandering my good name. Welll fuck her I hope all her teeth rot and fallout which was already happening =D. But anyways… we used GPS xD which is sad considering its really close to both of our houses (Santa Ana Star Center)

we made lots of jokes about Santa Ana on the way… mostly mimicking Peanut from Jeff Dunham’s show. (i think thats his first name o-O im probably mistaken… i always get first names wrong) it was great and we were both "bleh" her for better reasons.

We were super early (we figured wed get lost) we were like 2 of 7 people there. Eventually we went to the middle and found our rehearsal site and a shitload of chairs… empty of course.

Ok our school is split into academies: Engineering and Design; Scimatics; Fine Arts; Business and Entrepreneurship; and Humanities. K’dawn is in Scimatics (she wants to go into Criminology, shes gonna work with dead bodies =D) and I am in Humanities (teaching and foreign languages). this year Humanities is last =_= psh… so anyway we say familiar faces and sat around for 2 hours, Donovan came (her boyfriend) he sits close to me so i decided im gonna bug him the whole time… which i did "=D donovan, donovan, donovan…." Its so much fun. I sit by a teacher =3= i dont know which yet i was hoping for Mr. Simmons but i realized hes the Academy head so he cant sit where we do i think… i could be wrong. I hope its Mrs. Davey then… or Mr. Smith ^o^ =3= better not be Madame Oakes like John was joking about… we’d both hate that

So anyway blah blah blah a lot of the Humanities students are a rowdy bunch and annoying as all hell. We had at wait for a long ass time. We did the run through for where we are going to walk in and out… but its done a certain fashion; in twos and fours and such. it was a pain in the ass.

We had to stand in the hot sun for a total of probably 30 minutes (im scottish and burn even by sitting in a car for 10) and guess what… =D my period started in the middle… and i have a long history of REALLY bad cramps… and on top of that ecause of the heat and lack of food and hydration i got a migraine… =_= life blows

Anyways–3 hours later had to wait for Kdawn and Donovan to stop making out, picked up cap n gown… and they took me home where i had a few minutes to take a Vicodin and eat a snack before my Mother and Grandmother dragged me to Dion’s pizza. I missed Dion’s party (haha different person) and basically was complimented about how mature and intelligent and organized I am… i was happy. And I got to brag about my boyfriend =D she likes him already cuz hes in the military and white xD. we talked msotly about college since shes paying for it… i wasnt hungry and we took her to her hotel.

She has a damn big room mannn… >3< lame. And tomorrow and Tuesday we are going to make Franklin a Yukata =D so im so excited!!! but damn him for being my giant. So that was my day… it actually doesnt seem like much most of it was just time consuming. tomorrow will be the same (youve been warned)

This picture was taken at Dion’s actually. All the pictures at rehearsal were ugly and annoyed looking. Here I am exhausted and sitll in pain waiting for my food at Dion’s. I didnt wear any makeup today (im almost proud) and I actually had my hair down all day. my outfit was cute to boot =D

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