Bliss Couture Final Limited Editions (only 35 Pieces available in Secondlife)

Bliss Couture Final Limited Editions (only 35 Pieces available in Secondlife)

Hello Dolls,

I don’t know what have I done to deserve all the love and support that I have received. As I always say I am just a girl who loves to draw and happen to be in this fabulous world and lucky enough to have people who appreciate her.

The Followings are the answers of the frequently ask questions.

I know I don’t have a closing date yet, I wish to keep the sale longer if my rl allows me, I still yet to put out all the gifts for you dolls before Bliss offically close its door!! and as for Marketplace, I have around 800+ items there, I am not sure whether I will have the time to change all the prices, it might be easier to close it as well, I am still considering.

I don’t plan to reopen my store, at least I don’t see it coming in the near future. As much as I love to create and so much joy in the process in creating, my rl doesnt allow me to so (dont worry, all good in my rl, just the current situation is different 🙂

No, I am not leaving SL, I mean how could I??? SL has given me so much and my sl is full of wonderful girls like allllll of you, No way I could leave.

If you don’t mind, Please stay in my humble group, I promise I will be back from time to time to make new things and send it out to you girls even I don’t have my sim anymore. I can fulfill my creativity needs and I know you all will be the people who appreciate me. I am already thinking of making furs for winter *wink wink*

This is not just a pixel world. The joy you all have brought me is beyond words, Secondlife has made me a much better person.

I still have a couple of things I still havent put out for sale yet, I will release them at sale price thru out the closing sale. And i will have a closing sale hunt, Will put out all the gifts from the previous years for u dolls 🙂 Bliss Couture will be close permanently after the sale.

A couple of Final Limited Edition Gowns I made for my big goodbye, these are the Favourite gowns that I’ve created, only 35 pieces available in sl. Enjoy!!

Direct tp to the dress :

Posted by Amutey Decuir on 2013-06-22 19:30:24

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