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First today I traveled to Morgantown to look at some apartments and hopefully have a great update and move in date settled by the end of the day. So I actually took this photo at about 1AM and really it turned out almost exactly how I wanted to thought it would only be appropriate to finish how I started.. so I’m very happy about that haha
This here is my moms Mounds Cake. it seriously tastes like a Mounds bar….so Sometimes you feel like a nut, but not today. Not knowing when I’ll be back it may be pretty late so sorry i’m not here on day 365!!!!

But furthermore what we’re all here for..

Today I completed my first 365 Project, and from day 1 to day 365 i never really understood why I did it, I know why I wanted to do a 365. Its been proven before that I originally wanted to get back into photography, once a passion was quickly dissolved. Film was coming to an slow decline and expenses were gathering. So I foolishly backed out, not for me, it was fun while it lasted, the money won the contests attended, was it even for me anymore. Well on a search to find a reason to get a DSLR. I set out and purchased a Fujifilm s600fd, the perfect camera cause you can’t change lenses therefore I didn’t have a reason to spend money. Well, it was the perfect thing used it for 269 days and then for graduation my parents got me "Sasha" a Canon XS and boy did I see a difference in my photos. They were crisper, cleaner, and just awesome. But lets go back to the beginning shall we?

January 1st 2008 some good friends of mine [DiggPirate] and [toasty oats] started a journey, what journey a 365. They are currently in Egypt for spring break but I know they know how much of an inspiration they were to me…

So encouraged and enlightened I decided to start my own project on my 21st birthday March 12th, 2008. A year in photos was a goal I wasn’t sure I was going to meet, didn’t really expect to make it a month or two, but with the on going inspiration given to me by my 2 friends i kept going and going and going. Not really sure whether or not I was going to pick up on any followers, I wasn’t really worried about it, I made a choice to do something that I felt I wanted to finish.

So really, I feel as if this project has been so much more than just a photo a day for a year, I’m sure all of you can account for this, when i say that I can remember what happened on almost every day just by looking at the photo. Its memories, and a lot of moments I love to have documented.

List of accomplishments
• 365 Days
• 33 Rejects
• 7 Video
• 25 Days wearing Yellow Mesh Shorts
• 2 Alphabet Sets
• 30 Secrets
• Cap and Gown Countdown
• 145 Awesome Contacts
• 1 Front Page
• 29 Explore

Now where do I go from here? Year 2????
YES, I will be back…
Year Two will be another big step, a year that will be a new beginning I plan on taking a 365 Pic Day 1 on the first day of being moved into my new apartment, as many of you may know I recently accepted a job in Morgantown WV, 4 hours away from home and what better way to remember a year away and my first year of a new job and a new beginning than a 365. So themanilow will be back in action once again, i know jump for joy! The 365 has become a huge part of my day and the connections I have made the friends I have created, I couldn’t leave. Really its a habit, and I’m young. So why the hell not.

But now is the part you all probably don’t want to read the thank you section, there has been so many people that have been there with me for me and involved. most importantly i want to thank my family, with out their weird questions, and helpful attitude they certainly made this year fun, and it was a way for my momma to see me everyday while being away. So another reason I can’t leave hahaha love ya momma.

But here is a shout out to some people… (you can stop reading now and just do a search for your name to see if i like you or not)

Exactly 1 month in on Day 30 a few people commented on my photo, one of which is this AMAZING gal [pam.ela] she commented and i started to follow her stream, it took about a solid month to two months before we realized that we started on the same day. Both started on our birthdays and both were going to finish at the same time. This was exciting, someone else sharing the same day as you i was stoked, well we’ve been friends since that Day 30 and she is just one cool person and If i had to share my birthday with anyone, she is one I’m happy to share it with…So Pam, Congratulations to you! thank you and hope you continue to lurk in flickr world

Another person commented on Day 30 that was influential [Fishst1k] he was one cool guy and we became pretty close friends talking, sharing ideas, and just being solid friends. Then he had a great thing happen to him and Cole Benjamin was born, and in the best interest of his son and his family he completed a very successful 225. And has been blessing us all with wonderful pictures of his lil guy.

I wish i had the time to thank everyone with such indepth but if you don’t mind I do want to point out some more epic people that I’ve encountered and have been there for me throughout this project with words of encouragement and always there to talk to when needed

One great couple that comes almost immediately to mind is [Donald Kilgore] and [so*fierce] I’ve been blessed in so many ways to have met them and to have them as friends, One cold day in December we ran into each other in California, PA and had one heck of a time being ourselves

[Nerboo] – You’ve always been there to talk, a listening ear and a rambling mouth and have been a hell of a friend
[badbwoy4lyf] – Harvy, i could never figure out how you did it but your photos really kept me going.. true inspiration for sure man.
[KayTeeJoy] – You probably won’t see this but you were also a cool gal, probably one of the few I’d let call me your "Mr Muffin Man"
[mnoller] – though you’ve came and gone, you were there and had a heck of a run. became an uber close friend and were one joy to have as a contact.
[Lauren.Takes.Pictures] – I really wish you were still around, I miss you and hope you do see this because you were such an inspiration. Thanks
[crustydolphin] – The gal everyone wanted to be friends with actually taking time out of her day to comment and become an amazing friend while in the process – random e-mails and great contactyness made her awesome, and a reason to look forward to Thursdays (hahahah)
[j o o b o o s] – Words can’t say what you’ve done for me during this project, you are just simply awesome.
[m1nna] – One of the few that would actually talk to me the next day after leaving a drunk comment singing "you are my sunshine"

I really could comment on all of you guys but I do at least want to shout out to a few more.
[=Tom=] , [CJ Crucial], [Lena Paloma], [EideMontana], [*narly], [~maitexu~], [volveta96 – maria], [Dusty M], [rebelshootfan], [.trista.], [ukimmeru], [dothezonk], [Chaparral Kendra], [.Donkeykong.], [elisabethspace], [ireland4517], [mogsterr], [ruheorama], [Steena], [tinkeratops], [hungrytiger], [Hammonds Babies], [cass.cake], [cakeybabes], [Bakari], [*rebecca], [Photoforia], [sarahrahh], [squilky], [The Revamp Tramp], [mandypants81], [Talia Sara], [*k a r e n*], [Raineybean], [Static Lullaby], [gne.], […Kalla Lily], [christina ina], [JustCallMe_♥Bethy♥_] [~*Denise*~], [cubsfam], [mollysadaisy], [jendi], [curiousillusion], [ShatteredMartialArtist], [CLearly Novice], [fountaincoke], [LookingSmug], [spectrephoto08], [craigwortman], [daydream42581]…
et al. really…. et al.

Seriously it doesn’t mean that you didn’t mean crap to me if I didn’t mention you, there obviously has been so many people that were influential to me. So really THANK You All.
constructive criticism, and encouragement was greatly appreciated.

So really, this isn’t goodbye, this is I’ll see ya later haha
I’ll still be here, but it will probably be crazy. So until I step in front of the camera again, be good. Don’t miss me too much.

peace killers.

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